Bridgewater Sachets

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Fragrance your home or take them on the go. Gorgeous, high-quality fragrance created in house by a professional team of perfumers.

Clementine Shine - The perfect scent for staycations and vacations, Clementine Shine is brimming with sun-soaked clementine and a peppering of ever.

Comfort & Joy - Cozy up with Comfort & Joy. This unique blend of apple, spice, cedarwood, and amber will bring a sense of peace to your day.

Driftwood Tides - Get lost in a world of sensory bliss with Driftwood Tides. Metallic wood combines with bergamot, vanilla and leather for a fragrance.

Fresh Baked - Warm up your home with Fresh Baked, the delicious aroma of a homemade treat. Our unique blend of chocolate chip cookie, nuts, cookies.

Lilac Daydream - Plum and almond swirl together with dreamy purple lilac, wisteria and hyacinth to create a magical fragrance called Lilac Daydream.

Sugared Skies - No need to sugarcoat it, Sugared Skies is totally dreamy and sweet! With notes of bergamot, rose, coconut, and vanilla, this one.

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