Effusion Fragrance

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La-Tee-Da! effusion fragrances are addictive…and that’s not a bad thing. Each bottle provides hours of fragrance enjoyment and is 16oz. Your fragrance will be used at about 1/2 an ounce per hour. Made in the USA.

This pairs with our La-Tee-Da! lamps that exchange fragrance for the unwanted odors in the air. Works fabulous to get rid of bacon or onion smells quickly. The Lamp works at approximately ¼ the temperature of a candle. It pulls fragrance up through the wick to the burner. The burner releases the fragrance and will saturate a room more quickly and more efficiently than other fragrance products. The La-Tee-Da! Lamp releases fragrance while eliminating odors without a continuous flame.  There may be slight smoking while your lamp is oxidizing air particles. This is steam.

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