Greenleaf Flower Diffuser

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Enjoy your favorite Greenleaf fragrance in a flower diffuser! As the oil diffuses, your flower will change color and bloom for up to 30 days.

Use and Care:
  • Place diffuser vase on a flat, stable surface. Holding glass at base, carefully twist the cork out of the container. Extend the stem of the flower fully and place it into the bottle, ensuring that the wire located within the wick is fully inserted into the neck of the container. When all the oil has been diffused and the flower begins to lose it's color, replace your Flower Diffuser.

    Cashmere Kiss - Cashmere Kiss is bound by passion and romance. Stirring citrus accords tenderly fold into fields of jasmine and rose. Floral scent.

    Spa Springs - The peaceful melody of dancing palm trees and rippling waters, Spa Springs combines a wave of aquatic notes with warm, gentle breezes. Fresh & Clean scent.

    Shimmering Snowberry - Glistening with modernity, Shimmering Snowberry juxtaposes a tart glaze of grapefruit, apple and kiwi with fresh-cut bouquets of sweet jasmine and lily. Fruit & Vine scent.

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